Will you provide me with Wash & Fold and Dry Cleaning bags?

Yes! After you schedule a pickup, one of our professional and friendly FlyGuys or FlyGals will come to your door and bring you a new FlyCleaners Wash & Fold and/or Dry Cleaning bag.

All new orders must always be inside a FlyCleaners Wash & Fold and/or Dry Cleaning bag as we will not accept personal or other commercial bags at pickup. If for any reason your FlyCleaners Wash & Fold bag or Dry Cleaning bag has been damaged, soiled or just simply worn due to lots of usage, no worries! Just ask one of our FlyGuys or FlyGals for a replacement at no charge.


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    Judith Mendell

    No one gave me a wash and fold bag. The driver took my laundry in my bag. Perhaps she put it in a blue bag in the truck. Otherwise all my clothes are out there in the wrong bag.

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