How does FlyCleaners ensure top quality?

We understand that each item of clothing is more than just an object - it’s something that you chose and a reminder of what you’ve done and where you’ve been. It’s a piece of you.

In recognition of that, we make the following promise to you that we’ll deliver on...every time.

Every single item of clothing we receive is treated with the highest level of care and attention. We hold ourselves, our employees, and partners to the highest standards, and offer customers an array of options in how their personal items are cleaned.

From hang-drying to fabric softener preferences, FlyCleaners is here to make sure your laundry is done your way, with no hassle. And to keep ourselves accountable for your personal items, we’ve introduced new tracking technology to tag every pickup and carefully manage where your order is at all times. If your clothes don’t arrive looking and smelling exactly like you want them to, we want to hear about it.

FlyCleaners was founded with one mission: to enable you to live life laundry free. And now, after over completing 250,000 orders, that fundamental idea persists into each and every order we process.


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