Damaged Items

We take the utmost care in the cleaning of your garments and we want to make this right for you. Please read below and see if any of the following situations apply. Finally, all damages must be reported within 48 hours of delivery.

Blue plastic “poly bag” on Dry Cleaning order

If your dry cleaning item/order arrives with a Blue poly bag, this will indicate that when we received your item, it was already damaged or likely to be damaged and we were not able or willing to process the item for fear of additional damage. You will not be charged for this item. On occasion, for certain items and fabrics that we cannot process (eg. wedding dresses, leather, etc.), we’ll cover the item with a blue bag and return it to you unprocessed and you will not be charged.

Damaged Items

If you find that your item is returned damaged in any way and it is not in a Blue poly bag (which would indicate that it was damaged even before it was processed), please reach out to us by emailing us at and sending us a picture of the damage itself.

Exceptions to Damaged Items

Normal Wear and Tear

Unfortunately, all clothing will eventually wear out over time despite our best efforts to clean and maintain them. Occasional challenges can arise during the laundering and dry cleaning process due to “normal wear and tear” and in these instances, FlyCleaners does not process reimbursement or compensation.

Per industry standards, we consider the following conditions to be “normal wear and tear”:

  • Slight shrinkage from repeated laundering.
  • Slight fading from repeated laundering.
  • Thinning of fabric from repeated laundering.
  • Small rips or tears from repeated laundering. This is especially common in the elbow areas of shirts that are worn frequently.
  • Color discoloration due to deodorant, perfumes or colognes.
  • Button damage from repeated laundering.

Delicate Clothing Items

We take every precaution to ensure that your items are handled and cleaned properly. In addition, we ask that you take note of the cleaning instructions on all items of clothing before submitting them to us for cleaning. It is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to:

  1. A) Ensure that any item submitted to FlyCleaners can safely be cleaned as per the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions affixed on the clothing label.
  2. B) Specify those cleaning instructions to FlyCleaners through the “Special Care Instructions” field in the app.

If an item is damaged by FlyCleaners during the cleaning process due to the customer’s complete or partial neglect of the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and/or failure to relay those instructions to us through “Special Instructions”, then FlyCleaners is not responsible for any damage as a result.

Additionally if FlyCleaners adheres to all instructions left in the “Special Instructions” field but damage still occurs, we will not be held responsible for the damage to the item.

Additional Exceptions

The following is a list of circumstances in which we cannot take responsibility for the damage of, nor are we able to compensate you for any damage to the item:

  1. Hand-wash only garments as specified by the manufacturer’s instructions
  2. A barcode is attached to every dry cleaned item. This barcode is very small and is standard practice in Dry Cleaning services.  
  3. Items in which damage is noted or spotted more than 48 hours after the date of delivery.

We reserve the right to keep your damaged items upon providing compensation, in order to recoup the cost from our cleaning partner.

Reimbursement Guidelines

We understand that each item of clothing is more than just an object - it’s something that you chose and a reminder of what you’ve done and where you’ve been.  For that reason, we want to do our best to offer you a fair reimbursement and we follow the International Fair Claims Guide to do so. Since every case is unique, there are different policies relating to our Dry Cleaning and Wash and Fold services. See below:

  • For Dry Cleaning items that are damaged, we will compensate 10-50% of the current retail value, unless a receipt is offered that shows the item was purchased within 30 days of the order. No full price compensation will be offered at any time.
  • Wash & Fold items that have been damaged will receive compensation based on the weight of the item.  It shall not exceed five (5) times the price of the weight of the wash and fold.

Legal Disclaimer

FlyCleaners will not be held responsible for any false claims and will seek reasonable and appropriate compensation from those intent on harming the reputation of Dry Cycle Brands, LLC, more commonly known as FlyCleaners. If you have mistakenly received the wrong item, it is your responsibility to notify us and return it.

We reserve the right to change these terms at any time and have the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.


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