Wash & Press vs. Dry Cleaning for Shirts

Wash and press is a process reserved for men’s cotton button down shirts. These items are washed and a special machine is used to dry and press them, which allows for reduced costs vs. other shirts that need to be dry cleaned.

Dry Cleaning is the process of cleaning garments using a chemical solvent other than water. We recommend that you follow the care instructions of your garment. If the tag reads ‘dry clean only’, it should be processed accordingly.

Please note that some shirts are not eligible for Wash & Press and will be instead be Dry Cleaned - these include, but are not limited to, women’s shirts/blouses, very small shirts, special fabrics or designs, and certain types of buttons (eg, steel).  Other items such as skirts, pants, sweaters and jackets, will always be dry cleaned and cannot be washed and pressed.  


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